Notice on Cancellation of Sending Postgraduate Scholarship Application Hard Copies

20-3-27 下午3:48 作者:Admissions Office, CIE 【

From now on, the requirement of sending scholarship application hard copies is temporarily cancelled, please send email to instead to complete the last application step, detailed requirements are as follows:

1.Email subject should be your application no. in our system+ names of applied scholarships, like 20200400001+CGS+SGS+ECUST President.

2.Email attachments should be the application form in our system and corresponding scholarship application forms one by one. You can download our application form from or, CGS and SGS forms from Chinese and Shanghai government scholarship official website respectively. As for ECUST president scholarship applicants, please print the study plan with ‘I also would like to apply for ECUST President Scholarship’. REMEMBER TO SIGN AT THE BOTTOM OF ALL THE FORMS!

3.The first page of published or accepted papers can also be attached.

4.No other application materials needed.

5.Applicants who have mailed hard copies do not need to send email again.

6.Please bring the original relevant certificates and supporting materials for inspection when you register in autumn. Your admission will be cancelled if your documents are found fake.

Admission and Academic Affairs Office

College of International Education, ECUST